In Nederland worden we overspoelt door nieuws van Amerikaanse oorsprong.
De grote persbureau’s bepalen wat wij in Nederland geserveerd krijgen, zoals AP, UPI, Reuters of Bloomberg

Met deze pagina willen we  Russische nieuwsbronnen ruimte geven en toegankelijker maken. Dit zijn niet speciaal “altarnatieve” nieuwspagina’s zoals u wellicht zou vermoeden. Maar gewoon nieuws van Russische oorsprong.
Voor ons westerlingen voorlopig alternatief genoeg en zeker de moeite waard om kennis te maken met onze grote buurman.
(Want u weet hoe dat is met die goede buur en verre “vriend”:-))

We gaan verder op zoek naar Russische alternatieve nieuwsbronnen. Tips zijn hierbij zeer welkom.
De hier gelinkte nieuws en opinie webpagina’s weerspiegelen niet noodzakelijkerwijze onze mening.

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Engelstalige Russische nieuwsbronnen

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  • Covid kills poor as rich get richer – report
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 10:08

    Oxfam, a charity confederation, has said that while the wealth of the world’s top 10 richest people has doubled during the pandemic, the poor around the globe continue to suffer due to a dearth of vaccines and treatment. Read Full Article at RT.com

  • Prince Harry takes UK government to court
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 10:06

    Prince Harry has filed a claim against the Home Office’s decision to prevent him from paying for police protection for himself and his family while in the UK, saying it is currently too dangerous for them to return home. Read Full Article at RT.com

  • Disgraced lobbyist reportedly pleads guilty in 2016 election meddling case
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 09:27

    George Nader funneled millions of UAE money to “Our Sister” Hillary Clinton Read Full Article at RT.com

  • FAA reveals which planes can potentially withstand 5G interference
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 09:00

    Some 45 percent of the US commercial fleet have been cleared for low-visibility landing at just over half of the airports most affected by 5G interference, the FAA said. Read Full Article at RT.com

  • Boris Johnson attended one more party – media
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 07:42

    The list of social events attended by embattled UK PM Boris Johnson despite the lockdown keeps growing, with The Mirror reporting that he also delivered a speech at his defense adviser’s farewell party before Christmas last year. Read Full Article at RT.com

  • Reverend suggests racism partially to blame for prosecutor’s charges
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 05:53

    The state’s attorney for Baltimore requested God’s intervention at a church on Sunday after being charged with perjury and falsifying documents, as the reverend suggested racism was at least partially to blame for the indictment. Read Full Article at RT.com

  • US nuclear missile sub makes rare visit to base near Taiwan
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 04:41

    A US Navy submarine carrying dozens of nuclear warheads sailed into a Pacific base for a rare visit on Saturday, with the Navy calling it a message to allies in the region. Read Full Article at RT.com

  • Police meme about beating ‘dirty hippies’ sparks investigation
    by RT on 17 januari 2022 at 02:23

    The Portland Police Bureau has launched an investigation after a ‘right wing meme’ about officers beating a “dirty hippy” with dreadlocks was included in a police training presentation. Read Full Article at RT.com

  • Lukashenko comments on Ukraine's military build-up near Belarusian borders
    on 17 januari 2022 at 10:36

    According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the situation on the southern borders of Belarus is concerning. “Ukraine is building up its military presence deploying forces of the national guard from ‘radical nationalists'. This is more striking than NATO's troops.

  • Poland accused of plotting provocations near Belarus' border
    on 17 januari 2022 at 10:29

    Military threats and threats emanating from the migrant crisis have nothing to do with the processes that are taking place now. Poland is deploying as much military as possible at our border wishing to demonstrate its importance for Europe, its financial investment in Europe's security.

  • Belarus-Russia military exercise named Allied Resolve 2022
    on 17 januari 2022 at 09:55

    According to him, the military build-up near the Belarusian border raises concerns and requires an objective response. "This reaction will be absolutely adequate and transparent. Together with our Russian colleagues, we will conduct a snap exercise of the Union State's response forces and means," […]

  • Lukashenko approves plan of Belarus-Russia joint operational exercise
    on 17 januari 2022 at 09:28

    "As you know, the Russian president and I agreed in December last year to hold snap exercises on the western border of the Union State and on the southern border of Belarus, which is also the border of the Union State. Today we see the need to hold full-scale exercises in the western and southern […]

  • Lukashenko unveils details of Belarus-Russia joint military exercise
    on 17 januari 2022 at 09:07

    “As far as you know, in this difficult situation in December 2021 the president of the Russian Federation and I agreed to hold the out-of-schedule specific events on the western borders and in the south of Belarus – this is also the border of the Union State. Today we see that we need to hold a […]


Duitstalige Russische nieuwsbronnen

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